in een paralel leven 
staat ze nog hier
ze kijkt naar de spelende kinderen
 in het park
in een paralel wereld 
is zijn nog een kind 
een kind
dat speelt in het park daar
de nacht valt als sneeuw 
de straten worden koud
het kleine lichtje brandt
de moeder geeft haar kind 
een n a c h t k u s
de zon komt op 
de tijd voorbij
de kamer is leeg
het kleine lichtje is w e g
in a parallel life she is still here she watches the children playing in the park there at the other side in a parallel world she is still a child a child playing in the park there at the other side the night falls like snow the streets get cold the little light burns the mother gives her child a n i g h t k i s s the sun rises the time passes the room is empty the little light is g o n e
p a r a l e l l e n // p a r a l l e l s
Residency Westenwind Kracht 12, Horst NL
For the artist residency of Westenwind Kracht 12, I stayed for 12 days in an apartment that will soon be broken down in the Norbertuswijk in Horst (a subcity in the region of Northen-Limburg, NL).
As an outsider and observer, I walked around becoming a part of the everyday life in the neighbourhood.
I arrived there with no expectations, but quickly became fascinated by the different cultures and stories, and especially by the openness of the residents to share their experiences with me, a stranger.
I felt like the apartment and also the neighborhood were my home, as if I had never left. Now that the residency is over, it feels like I was never there. Only the images I took prove that I was really there, that I walked around, talked to people and lived with the neighborhood.
The images show that I was there and forever captured a part of life there in this special time of ephemerality.
The photo series Parallels, which was created during my stay in the neighborhood, brings together the different lives of the residents of the Norbertus area. Parallels reveals a poetic picture of the various cultures and realities that exist in the neighborhood, but do not know about each other and therefore run parallel to each other.
geesten dwalen
door de straten

eenzame vogels
op zoek naar

dezelfde eeuwige straten



naar het niets
ghosts wander
through the streets
lonely birds
the same eternal streets
to nothingness
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