My artistic practice and philosophy focuses on the silent side of the world, frequently inwoven with theological concepts and concerns. It explores the memory of the spiritual and landscape related scenery and its narratives in combination with historical feelings, like nostalgia and melancholia, which I recognise as essential elements of culture. 
Growing up near a remote, small village in the countryside of Greece, raised in me a sensibility towards things that usually won't be found in the center of attention. I ask to understand terms like "tradition", "culture" and "identity" as unstable, abstract and constantly evolving. 
The media I use include not only film, photography and installation, but also a combination of those, sometimes in an interactive way, making the boundaries of each fade out.

Louisa Vergozisi 
(Volos, 1998)
Visual artist / Photographer / Filmmaker at AD HOC Group
Maastricht, The Netherlands & Athens, Greece

2016 - 2020  Bachelor Fine Arts - ZUYD, Institute of Arts  / Maastricht, NL
                       (with the support of Sofoklis Achillopoulos Foundation, Athens, GR)
2021              Developing Curatorial Concepts: Research & Creative Ideation 
                       - Node Centre for Curatorial Studies Berlin

Solo Exhibitions
2022    When I dream, I see blue / Π=3,14 art-space, Athens, GR
2021     Φύλακες της Πίστης (Faithkeepers) - pop-up expo / Miliés, Pelion, GR

Group Exhibitions 
2021    Εκδοχές του Υποκειμένου (Versions of the Subjective) part of "The Talks"
             by writer and psychiatrist Chloe Kolyri  / Vyzitsa, Pelion, GR
2021     ALL INN - Het Hem - National Graduation Show  / Zaandam, NL
2020     sub.archives X graduates - De Meldkamer  / Maastricht, NL
2019    Museumnacht "Lost In Space" - Natuurhistorisch Museum  / Maastricht, NL
2019    RADIO LIMA  Circumstantial Radio #3 - Greylight Projects  / Heerlen, NL
2018    Sound Workshop + group exhibition - FLACC  / Genk, BE

Film Festivals
2021     Film Festival of Imagination - Overganszone- ENCI-Groeve  / Maastricht, NL 
2020     The One Minutes -"New Normalism" - 17th Reykjavík International Film Festival, ISL
              & Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL
2020     The Circle Works - Short Film Festival  / Aachen, DE

Part of
2021     Video Power Nacht on L1 (Dutch television) - By Video Power  / Maastricht,NL
2021     "Onkruid" - Poetry book by Lars Den Hertog  / Maastricht NL
2021      Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender - Dutch art calendar
2020     Overgangszone - Walking in Silence 

2021     "Το εξωκκλήσι του Αγίου Νικολάου στις Μηλιές Πηλίου και οι τοιχογραφίες του" 
              ("The chapel of Sint Nicolas in Milies, Pelion and its murals") 
               with the support of Panayotis Zontanos - printed by Garyfallogianis Graphics Volos, GR