From The Roots is a photo and video project that documents the life of my father Vanggelis. 
Vanggelis is a farmer growing apples in Vyzitsa, a small village on the slopes of the mountain Pelion, in Greece. As he gets older, he realises he won’t be able to continue his work in the future, a work that he inherited by his father and grandfather. My brother and I are not willing to take over the business and continue to grow apples, leaving my father with a bitter feeling.
I see his struggle to adapt to the modern way of life and catch up with the new developments. The way he grows apples is based on very old methods which ask a lot of heavy work that rely on bodily strength and selling the apples on the local market as his father did, does not bring up a decent income at all.

In this project, I follow my father and document his work and thoughts as a farmer 
by filming and by using his old Zenit camera. It is my way to come closer to him and share my respect and admiration for all the tears and sweat he has left behind on his beloved land. 

From The Roots reflects through a personal story the impact op the passing time and the modernisation of society and its values in the Balkans. 

More information to come...

The following pictures where taken the past three years.
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